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all they had just done and were either used to drinking cum or needed. I couldn't help but to reach for my pussy. First he clamped her arms to the block along the sides of her body. "Don't be silly, slave." They are perfect. I have just the right weights to lock to these new rings that will stretch your nipples nicely and won't need to be removed at night." I was watching over Lena's shoulder while rubbing my own nipples as hard as possible against Lena's back. I knelt in the nadu position. "I think she's got the message, Cyn." It was. She slid her fingers into me as well. "It's surprising that you have no tattoos or piercings at all. I let her lick the remaining grease from my fingers and then I licked her juices from hers. Slowly, methodically, he slips her panties off.

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Just a little slut with three holes to fuck. The trainers explained to all of us that if we sucked on the one that was shaped like a woman's breast, we would get oatmeal. Was I really thinking that? Then she pushed my head down. Your only desire in life, your one and only desire is to serve me and please. I had three choices running through my mind. No doubt this would normally to attach her to a sulky. Except Kelli, of course. This is just another of your Master's uses for your Asian slut body." She whimpered in despair. Then reins attached to the rings on the ends of her bit.


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I opened my mouth. Why couldn't I protest? I was the only one collared and cuffed, the only slave apparently. You will do what I say. I watched her legs, noting she was rubbing them together, building friction. She also wanted a big cock to ride, but the combination of me telling her she was about to sell her body for money and the call from mom at that moment; well we would see what would happen.

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I had to be careful of my own feelings, though. "Before we go any further, you need to decide, Mistress." I looked up at Brandi, who looked serious. My heart was not really in it, recalling the unpleasant memories last time we visited the Pink Flamingo, but Mistress had a way of biting my lip chain with her teeth that got me very excited. I took it, and sat down next to my slave. You need the things that turn you on so much more. "I am going to mask you, slave." And she did, a mask blocking out all sight. Karl ordered all of us a beer. He had also slipped me the keys for the SUV earlier. I did not want anyone to ever see this. Obey fully with no hesitation or question and you will eat and cum as I allow. What was I becoming? It was only a few seconds till the applause of the audience brought me back to reality. I wanted her to be juicing all night. Kelli continued to move her head as much as possible, emphasizing her horror at what seemed to be happening. "What this means little slut is that we know what you are better than your know yourself. I think she was beginning to realize that she really did have no choice but to totally obey, that her future could easily prove that she was nothing more than a cunt wanting to be used and abused by men and women. On the other hand, I agree, her flawless skin, not a piercing, not a tattoo, and her tight holes are a plus. "But you have been getting fucked over and over again. I saw the look in her eyes as she looked around and back. He poured more lotion on the spot and rubbed. A week no one knew about. Not that she could shut us out. He was so nice and wanted to please me more than himself. We are going to leave her there with the lights on and camera rolling. I knew many eyes were on me, watching my every humiliation. Teasing men in hopes that one will dominate you and fuck you the way you need? "First, that is only a fraction of what the last man offered, but in your case I want to make you a deal." I had his attention immediately. body and soul thai massage soapy massage stockholm

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